Joined OCAD University as an Assistant Professor of Design

I’ll be writing a more detailed update later, but I recently joined OCAD University as an Assistant Professor of Design, where I’ll be developing research, teaching, and practice in the area of inclusive design. I feel that this is the perfect next step that builds upon my my PhD research at the intersection of external graphic representation (e.g., pictures, diagrams, and text-sentences) and perception-cognition. I’ve started interacting with other colleagues over the past few weeks and I really feel like I’ve landed in a great place!

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About pcoppin

Peter Coppin is an Assistant Professor of Design at OCAD University. He is a core Program Faculty member in the Master of Design (MDes) in Inclusive Design program where he runs the first and second year Inclusive Design Laboratory courses and serves as Principal Advisor for a number of graduate student Major Research Projects (these are the culminating focus of the program’s final year). During his PhD, Coppin developed a perceptual-cognitive model for understanding how graphics afford actions, a theme that cuts across inclusive design, human-computer interface design, visual art-design, and learning technology research. Previously Coppin developed ‘remote experiences’ by creating systems that delivered data from remote rovers operating in extreme environments to science teams and the general public. He developed this work as Principal Investigator and Director of the NASA funded EventScope Project at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). At CMU Coppin also directed the BigSignal Project, one of the first telescience interfaces for educational audiences. Prior to BigSignal, Coppin was a nationally and internationally exhibiting electronic media artist and designer, operating under the group alias ‘Centre for Metahuman Exploration,’ that he was a founding member of in the late 90s. In this capacity, Coppin developed telerobotic works and interactive television shows that were exhibited in venues such as the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria; MIR: Art in Space in Bolzono, Italy; and the SIGGRAPH Touchware Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. Coppin also directed research and development projects for EventScope’s commercial spin-off, resulting in patented remote experience technologies to solve problems for various NASA and university customers. Occasionally Coppin taught human centered art and technology project classes such as ‘Telepresence Art and Applications,’ listed within departments and institutes at Carnegie Mellon such as the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, the School of Art, the Entertainment Technology Center and the Robotics Institute.

One thought on “Joined OCAD University as an Assistant Professor of Design

  1. Ellen Anderson

    I found you on the Carnegie Mellon Alumni
    LinkedIn web site. I’m the founder of Creative Spirit Art Centre. Inclusive design is of interest to me because of my work of the last 21 years in art and disabilities. I am interested in learning more about your work and how it relates to your faculty position at OCAD.


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