Update from flow visualization project

Here is a preview of the cover for our forthcoming scrapbook that presents the many visuals we created in Summer 2013. Author list will be posted shortly (author lists are tricky)! Special thanks to Research Assistant John Harvey (MDes Student, Digital Futures Initiative, OCADU and core member of our team during the summer effort) for taking the lead on putting this scrapbook together!


Congrats to Advisees Mark, Spirit, and Lucian!

We recently graduated the first cohort of students from the OCADU Inclusive Design MDes program. I had the privilege of serving as Co-Principal Advisor on final Major Research Projects developed by the following MDes students:

  • Mark Sherman (co-advised with Jutta Treviranus),
  • Spirit Synott (co-advised with Geoffery Shay), and
  • Lucian Timofte (co-advised with Jutta Treviranus).
I will post their final abstracts soon!

Diagrammatic Cognition Panel Presentation: CogSci, 2013, Berlin

Peter Coppin was an invited presenter for this workshop that was organized as part of the annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, held this year at the Humbold University in Berlin. The workshop was designed to integrate a wide variety of cognitive science perspectives on the roles diagrams play in cognition, addressing various ways in which people design and use diagrams to spatialize thought and make it public, to work through ideas and clarify thinking, to reduce working memory load, to communicate ideas to others, to promote collaborative work by providing an external representation that can be pointed to and animated by gestures and collectively revised.

Presentation Information

Type: Panel
Date: Jul 31, 2013
Status: Invited
Event Title: Diagrammatic Cognition: Design and Discovery
Event Location: Berlin, German
Organizing Body: The Cognitive Science Society
URL: http://mechanism.ucsd.edu/diagrammaticcognition.html

Presenter at Gordon Research Conference: Visualization in Science Education

Peter Coppin presented at the 2013 Gordon Conference on Visualization in Science and Education. This conference series brings together diverse communities of persons engaged in the production, study and application of visualizations to enhance and promote scientific understanding. The over-arching theme for the 2013 conference was the “Evolving Role of Visualization in Science and Education.”

Presentation Information
Type: Paper Session
Date: Jul 21, 2013
Status: Invited
Event Title: Visualization in Science & Education
Event Location: Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island
Organizing Body:  Gordon Research Conferences
URL: http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2013&program=visualiz

Appointed to Inclusive Design Institute

I was recently appointed to the Inclusive Design Institute. The Inclusive Design Institute (IDI) is a generative hub of applied research that addresses the challenge of designing our information and communication systems (ICT) so that they work for all potential users, including users with disabilities, varying language needs and diverse cultural preferences. The IDI is Canada’s first research hub focused on digital inclusion. Find out more at: http://inclusivedesign.ca/

Joined OCAD University as an Assistant Professor of Design

I’ll be writing a more detailed update later, but I recently joined OCAD University as an Assistant Professor of Design, where I’ll be developing research, teaching, and practice in the area of inclusive design. I feel that this is the perfect next step that builds upon my my PhD research at the intersection of external graphic representation (e.g., pictures, diagrams, and text-sentences) and perception-cognition. I’ve started interacting with other colleagues over the past few weeks and I really feel like I’ve landed in a great place!